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Akrapovič "Evolution Line"

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Your desire is our objective: more power & torque, uncompromising race looks, significant weight saving
The answer: Akrapovič complete "EVO" system

  • More power and torque
  • Identical look to our Factory Team
  • Manufactured entirely of high-grade titanium
  • Weight savings: approx. 1 kg
  • Additional resonance body for optimum power delivery
  • Manifold flow optimized for production engine
  • Tuned to comply with the currently valid FIM noise regulations
  • Akrapovič logo sticker on main silencer

For the 250 SX F emphasis in power delivery was placed on an increase in power and torque in the upper speed range. Due to the increase in output in the upper speed range a modified power and torque results in the lower speed range. This means a slightly later, but as a result more spontaneous onset of full engine power from an engine speed of 6000 rev/min.